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Its team is comprised of personnel with over 40 years of experience designing office buildings throughout Texas and Principals who have over 20 years of design experience in the El Paso area. R+D will bring to the design build process: accurate planning and feasibility analysis; current building programming and spatial allocation strategies and the latest Architectural design concepts for the current work environment.

Our experience has created an Integrated Project Delivery process (iDP) in which design and construction are based on shared risk and reward, and an open exchange of information that is intended to optimize project results. iPD unifies the Project Delivery Team at the beginning of the project with the shared goal of leaving the greatest value of the project on the site rather than see it leave the site in the form of design-bid-build disconnection and contractor mark-up. Rather than conventional design-bid-build delivery systems that negatively impact project schedules, promote disconnect between Owners, designers and contractors, and tend to add cost to the project in the form of mark-ups and misinterpretations, R+D has developed an integrated design process which reduces times and maximizes budgets.

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